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Technology riders

Software Developement
Project Management
Consulting: Computer Science R&D
Innovation Management
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Who we are

Smartly Engineering is an innovative Startup

SmartlyEng is an innovative startup developing a new marketplace platform with the best web tech, providing an opportunity to the small manufactures. #Web #Marketplace #Blockchain #ReccommendationSystems

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Job opportunities

Send your CV to: job(at)smartlyeng.com

SmartlyEng is looking for Front-end and Back-end Software Engineers. If you are interested to meet us, send your CV to job(at)smartlyeng.com and visit our page on LinkedIn.

Our last product

We build successful, lasting,
profitable products

Olivhere - Cooperative Marketplace

Olivhere Framework

Olivhere’s source code is written to last, to grow, and to be scalable. We have created a flexible, customizable, modern, integrable framework. We use the best information technology, redesigned the platform from scratch, developing and integrating services, search engine, intelligent shopping cart, payment system and billing. We want to be able to control every aspect of the research process, purchase and after-sales services. The Olivhere framework is entirely written in C# . NET Core, a modern and flexible language. We work on the cloud without cloud-specific vendor dependency.
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Accelerate towards intensive focus on software development and research.